Msc Cruises sign the Marseille Blue charter


Marseille, France, 21 October 2019 – As part of the cruise industry’s commitment to sustainability, Mr Erminio Eschena, Director of Institutional Affairs and Industrial Relations, MSC Cruises France, joined other industry leaders and the Port of Marseille on 17 October in signing the ‘Blue Charter’, a voluntary commitment to reduce air emissions in the area.

The terms of the ‘Blue Charter’ mean that cruise lines operating in Marseille will commit themselves to implement several measures beyond current national and international regulations to reduce their environmental impact in and around the port. This confirms MSC Cruises’ unequivocal commitment to promote a sustainable development of its operation and encourage the cruise industry’s energy transition.

The signing, which took place in the presence of Captain Minas Myrtidis, MSC Cruises’ Vice President Environmental Operations & Compliance, is a significant step forward in terms of ecology and environmental impact.

Erminio Eschena, Director of Institutional Affairs and Industrial Relations, MSC Cruises France, said: “As part of our unprecedented investment plan – our fleet is set to expand to 25 ships by 2027 – we are structurally integrating sustainability into every aspect of our strategy and long-term development. We are particularly proud of this signature, which is fully in line with our desire to offer cruises that are ever more respectful of the environment and the populations who welcome us.”

The Marseille ‘Blue Charter’ brings together four specific commitments for cruise operators: reducing the speed to 10 knots maximum at the port entrance and exit; connecting electrically to the wharf during stopovers when shoreside power infrastructure is developed; favouring calls from LNG-powered vessels when they become available; and using 0.1 per cent sulphur content fuel when manoeuvring at the port (the 0.5 per cent standard will be mandatory from 1 January, 2020).

All these elements are part of MSC Cruises’ strategy to always improve its footprint. The Company continues to promote efforts and commitments favouring the development of an ever-greener cruise operation, always respectful of the environment.

MSC Cruises embarked several years ago on a journey of continuous improvement to always minimise its environmental impact. The cutting-edge technologies that MSC Cruises is deploying include hybrid exhaustive gas cleaning systems, the deployment of selective catalytic reduction technology, and the construction of ships powered by liquefied natural gas.

MSC Cruises’ drive towards sustainability goes above and beyond energy considerations, focusing on all environmental aspects instead, such as wastewater treatment, waste separation and recycling, and fresh water production.