Geneva, 19 January 2015 – MSC Cruises has launched a new project that will give eight young adults a chance to see their ideas implemented on new prototype cruise ships that the company will build in the next seven years.
Open to anyone from 18 to 25 years old, MSC Cruises and its social media partner, We Are Social, have developed a project called Inner Island, a purpose-built application comprising animated content and a social platform.
Through Inner Island, students and young people starting out professionally can learn the importance of unlocking their potential by expressing their passion and using their talents. Players will be able to submit their ideas about four key aspects of cruising: destinations, food & beverages, entertainment and sport & wellness.

Each player will be required to express personal preferences and tastes, creating their own virtual inner island. The final outcome will epitomize the player’s vision of the ideal cruise holiday, from the ports of call to the onboard experience.
Provided they are realistic and directly linked to MSC Cruises, the most inspired ideas will win an opportunity to bring them to life during a paid six-month internship at MSC Cruises’ premises in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, in September 2015.
MSC Cruises CEO Gianni Onorato said: “Inner Island is about more than bridge building with young people. We are very aware of the serious hurdles young people in Europe face today in starting a career, and we want to open the door to new talent that might otherwise be overlooked.”

As evidenced by the Renaissance Programme and orders of up to seven state-of-the-art new ships over the next seven years, MSC Cruises is a company focused on technology and innovation. As such, it is ever seeking fresh ideas to enhance the MSC cruise experience for guests. In addition, family-owned MSC Cruises believes that gifted young talent should be nurtured, and ideas brought to fruition.

Mr Onorato added: “This project is an example of MSC Cruises’ approach to communicating on social media, using targeted and effective media campaigns that resonate with future travellers and loyal MSC guests.”
In November 2014, MSC Cruises became the first cruise company to reach three million fans on Facebook after just three years on the platform.